Where divorce is imminent, Your Family Mediator can help you define how to best restructure your family and negotiate your best post-divorce outcomes. 

If your relationship is experiencing regular, escalating conflict, but your goal is to preserve your marriage, Your Family Mediator can help you choose options best suited to your specific family.  ​

Affordable, Confidential & Tailored to YOUR Individual Family​​ 

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The Solution

Take Control

​Don’t let the court dictate what your future will look like. 

You Have Options

Take control of your future & minimize the cost to your wallet and your family.  Everyone knows a divorce horror story - Financial devastation, irreparable damage to the children, ongoing public combat in court, and on and on... Your Family Mediator is an experienced, certified divorce professional who specializes in unique, cost-effective, private solutions to divorce conflict, and can help you navigate a path exclusively designed to help your family move forward.

With Your Family Mediator, you hold the keys to your future


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Experienced Family Conflict Resolution Solutions

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Your Family Mediator


Your Family Mediator

​Avoid an expensive decimating battle litigated in open court.  You can trust Your Family Mediator to provide the confidential tools to allow you to determine your future on your terms, in your timing, with less cost and more importantly, less destruction to your family.​