Simply put, when it’s your family, credentials and experience matter. 

Gail Dawson, Your Family Mediator, is an attorney licensed since 2000 to practice in Florida, who has mediated over 1,500 family cases.  Since 2006, she has dedicated her legal practice to keeping families out of court and helping them avoid the financial and emotional devastation inherent in traditional contested litigation. 

As a member of the Florida Bar, and member of the Family Law Section of the Florida Bar, she knows the traditional divorce litigation system.  She understands the sadness, anger, frustration, confusion and financial wreckage characteristic of litigated family court cases.  Her legal background coupled with her vast mediation experience uniquely position her to deliver professional, affordable, confidential conflict resolution solutions, tailored to your individual family’s needs.

​As an Adjunct Professor at Florida Coastal School of Law, Ms. Dawson recognized the unique challenges attorneys face within the non-adversarial practice of Family Law Mediation.  She created and taught the Family Law Mediation course, now a permanent course offering within the law school curriculum, explicitly designed to focus on and address those very challenges.

Ms. Dawson welcomes and works with people from all backgrounds and circumstances.  She has completed specialized study and training in the areas of Depression, Emotions, Grieving Process, Anger, Fear, Trauma, Listening Skills, Healing in Marriage, Wounds of Divorce, Forgiveness, Intimacy and Identity, Inner Healing, Sexual Abuse, Addiction, PTSD, Boundaries and Capacity,  which provide her with additional resources of practical expertise on which she can draw.  She has completed the four Levels of instruction offered at Christian Healing Ministries, School of Healing Prayer, and is a member of their Healing Prayer Team.

An avid dog rescuer and advocate, Ms. Dawson is a voice for those who have no voice -   

Just as she is for children in her role as peacemaker in the adult world of conflict and divorce.

Meet Your Family Mediator

Your Family Mediator


​​Professional Associations/Licensure/Certification include:

​Member in good standing, Florida Bar
Member Family Law Section, Florida Bar
Florida Supreme Court Certified Family and Circuit Civil Mediator
Qualified Parenting Coordinator, 4th and 7th Judicial Circuits
Member Florida Family Law American Inns of Court
Member Jacksonville Women Lawyers Association

​Don’t let the court dictate what your future will look like.  


Your Family Mediator

In mediation, Ms. Dawson helps couples negotiate the terms of their ultimate financial and/or parenting responsibilities, suggesting creative solutions to the most complex or long-standing conflicts.  She is certified by the Supreme Court of Florida both as a Family Mediator and Circuit Civil Mediator, and was previously certified in Dependency and County Court cases.  Her expertise is in helping people in adversarial relationships learn to collaborate to find solutions to their differences and attain healthy, meaningful post-conflict relationships.

Additionally, she specializes in high conflict divorce cases and children’s issues, and in this capacity serves as a Court Appointed Social Investigator (formerly known as ‘Custody Evaluator’) and Qualified Parenting Coordinator throughout Northeast Florida.  In these roles she facilitates child-focused co-parenting conflict resolution, and helps even the most adversarial parents to create and implement the Parenting Plans required by Florida courts. 


(904) 483-3837

A word from Gail,

“In my experience as an attorney and a mediator, I can tell you that mediation works.  It works to save time, money and most importantly, the toll that contested litigation takes on a family.  Mediation can preserve the good in family relationships, even as those relationships are being re-structured. 

Mediation gives the decision-making power to the people who will have to live in a future shaped by those decisions.  Why not make them the decision-makers in the first place with mediation?”

​​​​"Discourage litigation.  Persuade your neighbors to compromise whenever you can.  As a peacemaker the lawyer has superior opportunity of being a good man.  There will still be business enough."     - Abraham Lincoln

"Don’t let the court dictate what your future will look like.”      - Gail Dawson