Another important advantage  is that the couple themselves determine the terms of their own divorce.  The neutral mediator guides and facilitates the session, but does not render any decision or impose any settlement terms on the parties. 

In a litigated trial, the presiding judge, who does not know anything about either party, or their children, determines what their future will look like.

​Additionally,divorce is personal; privacy is important.  The process of mediation is confidential.  There is no court reporter and therefore, no published transcript of the issues discussed.  Mediation provides an option where your personal business is not aired in a public forum as it would be with a trial.

​Don’t let the court dictate what your future will look like.  

Finally, a substantial benefit of mediation is that because the parties themselves negotiate the agreement, post-divorce compliance is markedly enhanced.  This creates a much greater likelihood that the parties will be able to stay out of court going forward, particularly important in families with children. 

Traditionally, parties who reach a resolution to their issues at mediation have better overall post-divorce outcomes.  Simply put, because they are the ones who know their own family better that a judge, they are better able to craft an agreement that works for them.  Additionally, and less quantifiable, is the fact that working together at mediation has laid the groundwork that they will be able to work together on any conflict resolution in the future.

Even though  the couple is divorcing, the aim of the mediation process is to provide a respectful, constructive atmosphere where the parties can work together toward an agreeable resolution.  Consequently, mediation avoids the hostile, antagonistic platform that is litigation. 

Wherever possible, mediation seeks to preserve positive aspects of the parties’ former relationship, particularly where children are involved.  Although the parties may be experiencing significant conflict, mediation allows each person to be heard, focusing on improving open dialog so they can find workable solutions. 

Mediation  generally saves substantial time and money.  Most mediation sessions are completed in the same day or in shorter sessions over several days, tailored to best accommodate the individual couple.  In either case, the goal of mediation with Your Family Mediator is to help each couple resolve their issues in the least amount of time, and therefore, expense, possible.  Accordingly, the fees for the mediation process are typically a fraction of what they’d incur with a litigated divorce. 

Mediation also offers people far greater flexibility in crafting terms of their divorce that make sense to their particular family circumstances.  Your Family Mediator is a trained divorce professional - objective and experienced in helping people develop creative, out-of-the-box solutions that address their specific needs.   At mediation, the parties have the benefit of identifying and exploring many different options for resolving the issues. 


Divorce Mediation offers private, affordable, fast, workable resolution options that YOU control! Save money, time and stress - avoid an expensive battle in open court! 

Divorcing couples are increasingly looking for a more peaceful, or at least respectful, approach to ending their marriage.  The adversarial legal system inherently increases hostility and conflict, and reduces the ability to effectively co-parent after divorce.  

However, whether or not a divorcing couple has children, they ultimately want to avoid an expensive, protracted, public court battle.  Your Family Mediator Divorce Mediation provides an option to meet all those objectives and more. 


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