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Christian Mediation incorporates greater choice.  Where there are children, you can commit to prioritizing their health and well-being, and not involve them in the adult issues which are the conflict or divorce.  You can refuse to disparage your spouse in front of the children, or even to other family members and mutual friends.  You can choose to treat the other as Christ asks, in a respectful manner, extending grace and practicing being the peacemaker, independent of your spouse’s choices.    

What Christian Mediation is not is an opportunity for one person to use his or her interpretation of a Bible passage or religious concept in order to “fix” the other, manipulate the process or gain credibility with the mediator.  It is not a process by which one spouse can distort Christian principles in order to embarrass, browbeat or punish the other.  It is not counseling.  It is not a battlefield- that is court. 

Regardless of where you are in your marriage, Christian Mediation is a unique, invaluable option for Christian couples in conflict.  Christian Mediation is based on the common foundation of a shared Christian faith.  You, your spouse and the mediator each make a commitment to prayerfully seek discernment and God’s wisdom while facilitating the resolution of issues you might otherwise litigate in court.  Further, Christian Mediation incorporates the Scriptural approach to dispute resolution, that is, to give your best effort to resolve disputes out of court whenever possible.

The process requires that both of you are equally involved in the determination of your roles and responsibilities in the marriage, whether it will continue or not, including your parenting responsibilities and finances, and how you will choose to move forward in your lives.  In Christian Mediation you can choose be a part of resolving your conflicts creatively, with hope and dignity, and in faith, keep your and your family’s well-being in Christ your top priority.  In all other respects, Christian Mediation follows the same guidelines and integrity of non-faith-based divorce mediation.  Read more about the mediation process  with Your Family Mediator.

If you are in a Christian marriage with worsening, unresolved problems, and you either desire to preserve your marriage, or one or both of you are considering divorce, Christian mediation is an effective tool to negotiate solutions to conflict, while honoring your faith, your family and your future. 

Faith-based mediation is designed to help you navigate conflict at any stage of marriage experiencing regular or escalating discord.  We do not promote divorce; our prayer is that couples will enlist the help of faith-based mediation early enough to negotiate mutually agreeable solutions to their issues, strengthening their marriage.  If divorce is not yet certain, the possibility of reconciliation can be enhanced with Marital Mediation which also incorporates your Christian faith. 


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Marital discord erodes the relationship.  More damaging is that it foreshadows the loss of the future you planned and the dreams you had for your life together.  Under the best of circumstances it is a challenging time.  It is also the very time to call forth and lean on your faith, even if you have fallen away from your relationship with God. 

None of us are perfect and God knows that most of all.  But when two people commit to resolving their issues within the Christian Mediation process, they are empowered by God’s grace and strength.  You can be confident in the very real hope that you will emerge on the other side having made sound decisions for your future. 

Faith-based mediation conflict resolution lays the groundwork for better outcomes, not only for you and your children, if any, but also for your extended family, friends and church relationships.  The faith-based mediation process also offers each of you the opportunity to grow in your faith, and rely more deeply on the redemptive power of the Lord.

​​Faith-based mediation not only helps you avoid the damage and destruction associated with marital conflict or contested divorce litigated in open court, it also offers many other advantages.  Including Christian principles and beliefs throughout the process can greatly help to de-escalate emotions, and promote respectful collaboration.  You have the opportunity to begin the healing process of the wounds which conflict has festered. 

Whether you are in conflict or nearing divorce, you have likely experienced disillusionment, disappointment or anger, either with your spouse, yourself or both.  As you address the logistics of the underlying issues, you may encounter any role that each of you played in the demise of your relationship.  This is where Christian forgiveness becomes an essential component of moving past the hurt.  True Christian forgiveness is not the assent of any wrong committed, but instead asks the offended party to surrender the hurt over to God for His care and healing.  Forgiveness unburdens you, and allows you move forward.

Historically, churches provide resources for relationship reconciliation, but where the process fails, the church often steps away.  Churches are often ill-equipped to assist a couple when the ultimate decision is to dissolve the marriage.  Christian couples are left to enter the decidedly adversarial secular legal system without any faith-based support or guidance.  We recognize that sometimes reconciliation is no longer a viable option; the reality is that some Christian marriages end in divorce.  In those cases, the better alternative is Christian Divorce Mediation.  

​​Christian Mediation is like secular mediation in that it provides a respectful, confidential platform where the mediator facilitates the couple’s self-determination of how they resolve their issues.  Jointly you determine what your future will look like.  During a time of turmoil and conflict, our services are structured to give each individual couple the greatest likelihood to successfully negotiate what will best suit your particular family’s needs and circumstances. 

More importantly, you avoid the cost, time and family devastation that ongoing conflict or a trial-based divorce causes, while protecting your family’s privacy.  The essential difference in our faith-based mediation services is that the process incorporates your fundamental Christian beliefs and principles throughout the entire process.  

​Don’t let the court dictate what your future will look like.  


Christian Conflict Resolution - Marital Mediation to preserve the marriage or Christian Divorce Mediation.  

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