Your Family Mediator


Your Family Mediator

 Although you are no longer together as a couple, you are forever linked as parents.  Paternity Mediation can establish a foundation for cooperation and provide the perfect vehicle to greatly reduced animosity, uncertainty and the financial drain associated with contested litigation in open court.

Your Family Mediator specializes in family cases and is dedicated to helping the participants get through the process with the least financial and emotional cost. 

She is certified by the Florida Supreme Court to conduct family and parenting mediation and has mediated over 1,500 family cases since 2006.  ​​​She is also trained as a Parenting Coordinator to intervene to resolve high-conflict disputes. 

Florida courts require issues like parental decision-making, time-sharing and financial support to be spelled out in the form of a Parenting Plan, submitted to the court for approval.  Unfortunately, couples who are breaking up may not be communicating very effectively or respectfully. 

Whether unmarried parents were together for a while or had a brief relationship that resulted in a pregnancy, parenting disputes can be awkward and complicated.  Where they weren’t able to work out the problems in their relationship, they likely also have opposing views on parenting their children, particularly together.  Paternity Mediation helps parents find agreement without being vindictive about the new relationships between them and their children.

Mediation is productive because it is forward-focused.  The process encourages the parties to put the differences of the past behind and develop solutions that work for both them and their children’s futures.  Even if emotions are running high and trust low, battling out the issues in open court is generally much more expensive and ultimately makes matters worse.

Paternity Mediation helps unmarried parents resolve parenting-related matters and collaborate to work out practical co-parenting arrangements.  Most couples find it better in the long run to voluntarily negotiate a resolution to their issues in mediation rather than have a judge who does not know them or their children make all the decisions for them at trial.

In Florida, where the mother was unmarried at the time of conception or birth, paternity must be established in order to identify the unique rights and responsibilities of both parents with regard to the children.  Either parent can file a paternity action to legally determine the parents’ respective rights and responsibilities for the child or children.

​Don’t let the court dictate what your future will look like.  


Paternity Mediation helps unmarried parents negotiate 'custody', 'visitation' and support solutions. 

Just as many marriages end in divorce, even more relationships between unmarried couples end and people go their separate ways.  However, where an unmarried couple has had a child or children, it is not so simple. 


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