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When any couple is separating or divorcing, it goes without saying that emotions may be running high, and trust running low.  They are not likely communicating effectively, or at all.  When children are involved, they too often they become collateral damage from the conflict between their parents.

The Social Investigator is a neutral third party who conducts an investigation into the lives of the parents, and their relationship with their children. The social investigation will likely include interviews with Mom and Dad individually at their respective residences, with and without the children present and interviews with relevant character witnesses that Mom and Dad each provide (extended family, health care providers, teachers, coaches, etc., who regularly interact with the children). 

The Social Investigator will also review relevant documents that Mom and Dad provide to the investigator (medical, school or court records, police reports, employment records, etc.).

​Don’t let the court dictate what your future will look like.  

​​​If the parents need assistance in developing their plan, Parenting Plan Mediation is the least adversarial, intrusive and expensive way to go.  Alternatively, the parents can agree on the need for a Social Investigation (similar to what used to be known as a Child Custody Evaluation)


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Social Investigations help the court determine ‘custody,’ ‘visitation’ and other family and co-parenting disputes.  

Your Family Mediator

It has been nearly ten years since the State of Florida awarded either parent “custody” of, and the other parent “visitation” with, the children.  In Florida, the Court now addresses all parenting issues in what is called a Parenting Plan. 

The Parenting Plan specifically spells out the details of how the parents will co-parent, including things like decision-making authority, time-sharing, education, medical care, religion, extra-curricular activities, and the like.

After the interviews and document review are concluded, the investigator will prepare a thorough report for the Court, detailing the findings and summarizing the conclusions reached as related to the factors enumerated under Florida law. 

The Social Investigator’s Report will outline recommendations to the Court and include a proposed Parenting Plan addressing the best interests of the children.  In many cases the Court incorporates recommendations made in the Social Investigation Report, ​thereby substantially impacting the parents’ decision-making for and time-sharing with their children. 

​However, where the parents cannot agree either on Parenting Plan Mediation or a Social Investigation, either party can ask the court to order a Social Investigation.  If the Court agrees, a Social Investigator is appointed by the Court to conduct the Social Investigation and make recommendations regarding the Parenting Plan.