To improve child-focused parental communication and learn healthy co-parenting skills.

​​​Parents who argue about their children’s education, discipline, religion, bedtimes, and countless other daily decisions involved in raising children, cannot provide the consistent, healthy, harmonious life their children need and deserve. 

Consequently, continued conflict not only disrupts the child’s development and childhood, but also impairs the entire family’s ability to move forward with their lives in a healthy manner. 

Parent coaching provides the support and peace of mind that parents have protected their children from the negative impact of divorce conflict long after the divorce is over. 

​​​Divorce is never easy on a family.  However, it is not divorce that harms children.  Conflict harms children.  Ongoing disputes are destructive to their children’s well-being, commonly manifested by increased health issues, decreased focus and performance at school, or sleep disturbances.  These children often suffer anxiety, fear, sadness or anger, and may act out with hostility, aggression or delinquency or internalize the effects and withdraw or become depressed.

Additionally, children from high-conflict homes are more likely to have poor problem solving and interpersonal skills.  This impaired social competence can negatively impact their relationships into adolescence and adulthood.  Thus, the devastating effects of conflict can scar their future families and generations to come.


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​​​​Co-parent coaching is instrumental for parents who either don’t communicate at all, communicate through the children, or simply cannot effectively communicate with one another as co-parents.  Working with the Parenting Coach, they explore how to reconcile differing communication styles and better ways to set healthy boundaries.

​Throughout the process parents learn to identify recurring roadblocks and develop better approaches to conflict resolution and problem solving.  Ultimately, they acquire the skill set necessary to effectively communicate about their children and implement their parenting plan.

The main goal of Parent Coaching is to help divorced parents build a new post-divorce foundation upon which they can create healthier, re-structured family relationships and avoid the detrimental effects that ongoing conflict has on their children.

​​Because effective co-parenting skills are often not yet in place when the divorce is finalized, they may find they need co-parent coaching for a period of months, or longer.  Each family is different.  Sometimes co-parents just cannot reach an agreement, and rather than run back to court to settle the stalemate, they can work with their Parenting Coach to help mediate and work through the dispute.  

The process of Co-Parent Coaching or Parenting Coordination is for divorced or divorcing parents who are struggling to find a way to collaboratively co-parent.  Where the parents recognize that they need help, they voluntarily seek the help of a "co-parenting coach. " 

Alternatively, in the case of many high-conflict divorces, the court may order parents to participate in the process, referred to as "parenting coordination."  In either case, the foundation of the process is built on close monitoring and swift intervention by the neutral co-parenting coach.  The process provides a faster and more cost-effective solution than repeatedly taking the issues back to court.  

For the purposes of this description, we will use the term 'Parenting Coach' which encompasses the same services, whether voluntary or court-ordered. 


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