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Early Intervention Mediation (EIM) is a dispute resolution process uniquely targeted to alleviate marital conflict in two distinctly different scenarios; either where the couple’s goal is to preserve the marriage, known as Marital Mediation, or where divorce appears imminent - Abbreviated Dissolution. 

In both cases, EIM provides an extremely effective tool for any couple genuinely committed to minimizing the damage to their family, especially if there are children.  EIM, either Marital Mediation or Abbreviated Dissolution, facilitates the participants’ ability to replace destructive discord with constructive dialog as the participants endeavor to come to terms on the issues.  Most importantly, EIM presents offers a safe, unbiased atmosphere expressly formatted to reduce the stress and devastation inherent to conflict.

​Don’t let the court dictate what your future will look like.  

EIM should not be confused with marital counseling, and serves a distinctly different role.  Early Intervention Mediation concentrates little on the past and how the couple got to where they are; it does not assess blame or try to ‘fix’ either party.  With both Marital Mediation and Abbreviated Dissolution Mediation, the EIM process is forward-focused on discovering productive responses to and management of conflict.  Put simply, EIM helps the couple to better negotiate the terms of their marital ‘relationship agreement’ or the terms of their divorce, empowering them in either case to more successfully move forward.

EIM has the power to replace fear with hope.  This distinctive method of conflict resolution vests in the participants control over their options and outcomes.  They can trust in the process of EIM, even where trust between each other has been compromised.  Utilizing the training, experience, and creativity of Your Family Mediator, in a structured, neutral environment, people discover they actually can collaborate to resolve their issues.  EIM enables them to progress from being completely overwhelmed to a sense of confidence that they will be able to advance with their lives, while best protecting both their family and their finances.  


Affordable conflict resolution -  Marital Mediation to preserve the marriage or Abbreviated Divorce Mediation to minimize cost, time & stress of divorce.



​Similarly, even where the couple is seriously contemplating divorce, Early Intervention Mediation is an extremely valuable alternative for a couple willing, but previously unable, to cooperatively communicate and agree the terms of the divorce.  EIM offers divorcing couples the opportunity for privacy and confidentiality of personal matters as well as a markedly abbreviated time frame for the divorce. 

Where a divorcing couple mutually desires to avoid the high financial and emotional costs associated with a traditional litigated divorce, Early Intervention Mediation can supply the remedies to their concerns and help them reach a settlement of the issues without a court battle.


Where the couple's goal is to preserve the marital relationship, EIM is specifically designed to identify and articulate the material sources of dissonance in the relationship.  Many couples who choose to stay together feel like they need help to resolve ongoing issues that are straining the relationship and may otherwise tear the marriage apart.  

EIM intervenes to facilitate the creation of practical, concrete solutions and enable the couple to craft better answers to repetitive struggles about the same issues.  Moreover, EIM helps the couple to acquire the skill set essential to prevent escalation future disagreements.  


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